Cannot control your negative thoughts?


Before I heard about the LOA (Law of Attraction), I read the book The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle. This is a wonderful book, which made me understand that I was the main responsible for my misery, as well as my happiness.

It weren’t my outside circumstances that were making me feel bad, as I previously thought. It was me all along -or more precisely, it was my mind.

I realized that I was never unhappy by being in the present moment. Even if something unexpected happened, I wouldn’t have much time to panic – the only thing left was to do. But when I would start to worry about the future, or feel guilty about the past, this is what brought me unhappiness.

Because of this, I wanted to always be present, and not think. Needless to say, it soon proved to be impossible and I gave up.

Once I learned about the LOA, I got myself another task: instead of not thinking, I wanted to change my every negative thought into a positive one.

To my utter disappointment, this also proved to be as impossible. No matter how hard I focused on changing my negative thoughts, the more of them seem to appear. (Later I realized that -ironically-the cause was LOA itself.:))

It took me time to realize why these approaches didn’t work. It was because I was trying to change my mind, by coming from my mind. And what I should have done instead was to come from my heart.

What does that really mean?

It means that instead of monitoring what we think, we should monitor how we feel. Our feelings are not our manifestation guides for nothing – they let us know if our thinking is aligned with our hearts. By doing what we love and finding the best feeling in every given situation, our thoughts naturally change.This is why finding our joy-factor  (as I discuss in my programs) is the key to changing our minds, and thus what we manifest.

Interestly enough, when we are ‘in the now’ we come from our heart. This is the place from where our intuition can speak to us, instead of the chatter in our mind.

Takeaway from this post: Only by coming from our hearts can we permanently change our minds.

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Can our words really hurt us?


Ever since I can remember, I was interested in spending time with just a small number of people. Over the years, this was my sister, one friend in high school, one on the University, my husband,. . . (In case you are wondering: the friend from University and my husband are not the same person, so we can say 2 from the University. :))

For all others, I felt like I could read them, and didn’t want to spend time with them. It wasn’t like they were bad people, but I could immediately say that they were not a company for me.

Now, when I believe to be more spiritually conscious, my ability to read other people seems to got enhanced even more. It is like I know their thoughts, and thus their intention immediately – when they speak, or look at me, or just send me a message. 

For example, when  someone doesn’t have good intentions, I feel their negativity. If I pay attention to it, I feel it very strongly. This is why I needed to learn a way to quickly release it and come back to my inner state of alignment.

There are some people who believe I’m simply ignorant to their negativity, since I don’t return it. The truth is, I’m conscious of it, but choose not to focus on it. It is my decision to not be in that energy for long.

Lately, I come to the point when I cannot speak badly about someone without feeling real pain.  It is true that I also talked badly about others before (who didn’t:)) but now it amazes me to see other people still doing it. It’s because I now know how much we hurt ourselves by belittling, or wanting to hurt others.

Our words are indeed powerful. If you heard it from me, or someone else, it is completely true. By comparing with others and playing the comparison game, we hurt ourselves badly.

Takeaway from this post: Just a little word we say can carry a powerful bruising energy, which not only hurts ourselves, but also hinders the manifestation process of the lives we really want to live.

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Not feeling acknowledged by others?


When I’ve posted my first video I knew I was ready. When almost half of the day passed and nobody reacted, I also knew I was terrified.  “What if they don’t like it?,” or worse: “What if they really hate it?”

All throughout our lives we learn what to do or say to earn approval from others. Even if we don’t want to admit it, we really care what others think. Because of this, our choices are dependant on others and are not completely our own. This state is what I call our safe place.

When we are in our safe place, we feel accepted. This feeling of belonging is not as empowering, but it seems far better than the dangerous alternative. What would others think if we would just do what we want, without looking for their approval? Would we do something crazy or unacceptable? This seems scary indeed.

Even though we don’t take this scary alternative, we may recognize that we don’t feel that safe even when we decide to stay in our safe place. The fear seems to follow us everywhere we go and everything we do has the potential of disaster. This is because we unconsciously think: What if they realize I’m not good enough? What if this event makes them turn against me? 

If we become brave enough to leave our safe place, we may find ourselves in the wild woods. In this place, we start making decisions that are completely our own, without thinking how these actions may be taken by others. We just align with our life purpose and act from our hearts.

Even when we start doing what we really want, we may realize that we still care about what others think. And if we don’t get good feedback and feel acknowledged for what we do, we may be tempted to go back to our safe place.

The key to manifest and live our ideal lives is to learn how to feel good about who we are and what we do, and do that for longer periods of time. This is especially true for a time when no one seems to acknowledge us. The longer we can stay in our feel good place, the more Law of Attraction can work in our lives.

By continuing to post my videos and staying in my feel good place, people started to respond. Few days of doing this, one person decided to do her own video in response. If I felt discouraged after posting the first one, I wouldn’t be able to see how supported I really am.

This is not to say that there won’t be times when no one will respond. That’s okay too. This is our contrasting event, and as always it is asking us to take the inside approach and decide who we really want to be. Is this really what we want? Is this the best path for us?

In extreme case when no one acknowledges us for longer period of time, we should also approach from within. This outside event is the reflection in our mirror, and thus very important. It tells us that our inside problem has been manifested on the outside, so that we can see it more clearly and thus solve it more quickly by approaching from within.

Takeaway from this post: Expand your time of feeling good, especially in times when you expect the acknowledgement from others. Even when we take outside action and feel ready for our new lives to begin, it takes time before our inner change is reflected on the outside.

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