Improve Your Job Satisfaction by Maximizing Your Potential

picAt the beginning of your life, you may had many different ideas on who you wanted to be. There seemed to be endless possibilities and it was difficult to choose. You could be a pilot, a ballerina, a singer, a father, a football player, a dancer or a cowboy. As you grew up, other things started to matter. Like being respected by others, or providing for your family. You chose in accordance to these preferences, and somewhere along the way ended up at the job you currently have.

So, how do you feel at your current job?

Is it like you imagined before you started to work there, or is it far from your expectations?

Be honest with yourself. After all, no change can come if we deny our truth.

OK, so your current situation may not be that bad and you may find a lot of benefits. Yes, you enjoy spending time with your colleagues. You even like what you are doing, but suddenly there seems to be something missing that you didn’t notice before. You cannot directly point to what is wrong, but you feel there is more for you than this. Or maybe this dissatisfaction wasn’t so sudden. Maybe you knew it all along. You don’t know how to change or what to change and if it is even possible for you. It’s frightening to consider a big change, especially if you were at the similar situation for quite some time.

No matter your answer, you feel there is something to improve and be more satisfied with where you are. One step to improving our situation would be to know our natural gifts and tendencies.

What is it that I naturally do good? Turns out this is not as easy to discover, since we often undervalue our gifts thinking they are not that great. Since using our gifts is so easy for us, we wrongly assume it is equally easy for others.

Another step is knowing what you want and what is important that your job provides for you. This means knowing not just your gifts, but your personality type. If it is money that is important to you – how much money would you like? If you want to be an expert, what kind of expert would you like to be? Be specific.

The third step is understanding which career path would encompass these preferences and what would be the best way to get there from where you are. There may be some obstacles to overcome, but as it turns out, by addressing and confronting them we get to our destination faster.

These concepts may be pretty simple, but they may not be as easy to implement. Hope you can join us in Improve Your Job Satisfaction by Maximizing Your Potential workshop to start your discovery and the best way for you.

Note: Currently workshops are held in MOTIVATE Shanghai Community



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