No freedom, no happiness


In today’s society there’s rarely an outside force preventing us to do what we want, and yet… We so rarely do it.

We don’t even LIKE to think about what we really want, thinking we cannot have it anyway. Why suffer more?

Thinking about what we REALLY want brings out many insecurities and paralyzing questions.

What if I don’t really know what’s the best for me? What if others know better?
What if my choices hurt other people?
What if I decide on what I want and then realize that I cannot have it?

This is why it’s easier to allow others to decide for us. Is the food I eat good for my health? What sport should I play? What job should I do?

After all, if others decide instead of me and something goes wrong, it’s theirs fault. We were just doing what they suggested.
But is this lack of  responsibility really the path to our happiness?
The answer from my experience is a definite no.

By refusing to make our own choices, how can we even get what we want?

We are the only ones who know what makes our soul sing. No one can make this decision instead of us. It’s our own work.
And once we decide what it is that we want, we may still feel unhappy.  I know… But knowing that freedom and happiness come hand in hand, we may focus on freedom.

What it is that makes us feel free? Simply, it is knowing that we DO have a choice.

If we want to feel free at work, we need to feel we have a choice to quit our job.
If we want to feel free in our relationship, we need to feel we have a choice to leave and be alone, or to be with anyone else.
If we want to feel free with our finances, we need to feel free to go bankrupt.

As long as we think that we don’t have a choice, or if there is a fear of one of the choices, we won’t feel free and we won’t feel happy.

For more on this topic check facebook live video:

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