Was it really ‘meant to be’?

pathThe first step to creating the life we want is to take responsibility for where we are.

Our own choices brought us here and there’s no one to blame.

We didn’t travel as much as we wanted.

We didn’t finish that school, but something else.

We earn that much money, and not more.

We married (or didn’t marry) that person.

We cannot blame the government, nor the politics.

It’s not our parent’s fault. It’s not our grandmother’s fault, nor our neighbour’s.

If we think that someone else is responsible for where we are, we will understand that we can create the life we want. We will always be the victim of that situation or that person. There will be always someone to blame.

As hard as it is to accept that we did have a choice and it got us exactly where we are, it is a starting point of living differently.

Once we start realizing powerful our choices are, we’ll realize our own power.

For more on this topic watch facebook live video:


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