Why did I become a life coach?


The short answer is: because I felt I was dying. Today I call this feeling inner death.

What does this feeling mean?  It means:

-waiting for the things to pass, instead of being excited about what’s coming

-that all days starting to merge into one long gray day

-feeling you were meant to do more, but knowing that you are not doing it

-knowing that if you continue; if you live one more day like this, some very important part of you will die.

I wanted higher meaning for my life. I didn’t want it to just pass.

And I didn’t want to be a walking zombie, as so many people around me seem to be. There was something really wrong with our way of living, and I felt it was somehow connected with what we did to make ourselves happy.

We would just blindly follow the crowd, thinking that it will make us happy.

They told me I’ll be happy if I manage to enroll to a good University. I did.

Then they told me that in order to be happy, I needed to finish it. I did.

Then they told me that I needed to find a really good, high paying job. Did that as well.

They told me that I need to get married. And I did, pretty early.

And was I happy? Even though that was all great, nothing gave me the feeling of living the life I truly wanted.

Finishing challenging University couldn’t make me happy. Finding a well paying job couldn’t either. And no – finding a great, wonderful husband didn’t do it either. 

It wasn’t because my husband is not my true soulmate. He is.

It is because in order to feel happy, we need to have high enough vision for our life which motivates us every day. This vision needs to moves us forward and makes us do the actions every day that speak to our heart.

If we don’t do inspiring actions every day, no matter how abundant we are on the outside, we will not feel happiness. Not even our spouse can do it for us. We need to do it by using the inside approach.

Otherwise, we will start dying from the inside.

This is what made me become a life coach. It was a heart inspired action, which led me to fulfill my higher vision: helping people get more conscious and living better lives.


You can read more about the importance of the inside approach in my book: http://a.co/eWZuPGi

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