Is spirituality boring?


Really: Is it? I realized that I did believe in this, and didn’t want to be spiritual because of it. (Or at least, not more than I already was:)) Who knows when I’ll ran out of luck and become boring?)

Why would we even see spirituality as being boring?

I believe this was programmed in me since I was little. Spiritual people were then just priests for me, and I would easily get bored in a church. It figures: I wanted to play instead of being in (mostly) silent place and sitting in the same place for a long hour.

Also, priests seem to always be quiet and timid. Later I realized that calm and kind may have been more like it, but still I couldn’t connect fun with it.

Now, when I realize that religion and spirituality aren’t one and the same, I met many different kinds of spiritual people. Even though not all were as quiet, they seem to miss some important fun quality.

I wasn’t sure what it exactly was at first. I could easily recognize their magnificence. They were trying to make this world a better place. They were kind. They were nice. They were different in some new good way. They loved helping others.

Still, I didn’t feel like I would want to be exactly like them. There seem to be something missing.

Today I believe that although they were great as people, for some reason they didn’t translate it completely to others.

Makes sense, since in order to help others these people need to have a good opinion about us. If we would show every mistake we make, have fun without a care in the world, would people still trust us to solve their problems?

I see that connecting spirituality just with closed off people, who give limited information about themselves to live up to the expectations of others is becoming thing of the past.

Spiritual people are becoming more and more transparent, showing they are human. They make mistakes, they live their own lives, and are not here just for others. They are here to live their own lives, with all it’s lessons and ups and downs.

So, can fun and spirituality really go together? 

I realized that if I really wanted to live as I teach others, by living my ideal life, there is no other way. Having fun and helping others is the only possible path for me, and those who really want to work with me recognize it.


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