Am I a good person?


Good people try to help other people with their problems.
Good people put their feelings aside to listen to the problems of others.
Good people show they care by listening others complain about all bad things that happened to them.

I really tried to be that kind of a good person. Every time someone mentioned their problems, I tried to help. I chose not to do that anymore.

This does not mean that I stopped helping other people. Quite the opposite. I believe I help more people today than I ever did.


As I became more aware of my own feelings, and of the feelings of others, I learned to follow my intuition and more easily recognize to whom I can help. I have realized that the only person I can help is the person who has the intention of changing their life for the better.

Now you may ask: Isn’t this anyone with the problem?

The answer is a firm no. A lot of people just want to talk about their problems-not solve them.

Wanting to solve a problem means that you believe that you, indeed, can solve it. And this means that the Universe, God, or some other word you like to use for the Creator of the world, is not responsible for solving your problems. You are.

So, in order to solve your problem, you need to be willing to leave your safe place of blaming God for everything bad that happens to you, and accept that it is up to you.

The truth is, there are people in this world who live in Heaven. True Heaven, in abundance of money, love, joy, health, companionship, and anything you could possible imagine, and they are expanding it every day.

And there are others who live in Hell. Real Hell, of struggle, disease, poor mentally and financially, and they also are expanding it every day.

Is God responsible for either of these situations? No.

We came in this world with the freedom to choose. And until we decide to choose to live our ideal lives, we will continue living on default. This means living similar as our parents, relatives, and other people in our proximity. We may have different things, or friends, or circumstances, but the feelings of despair, anger, or depression stay the same.

Anyone who wants to create a real change in their lives, I’m glad to help. However, this also means that I do not try to help everyone. I do listen to my feelings and decide on whom to offer my help. I also show I care by not listening to someone complaining about all the bad things that happened to them, unless they have the intention to change.

Does that mean I’m a bad person? I’m willing to live with it.


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