My Story of Becoming a Published Author

A photo by Lacie Slezak.

One person once asked me: What’s the one thing that’s absolutely crucial for your life? My immediate response was pen and paper, which came as a surprise since I never considered writing to be as important.

How could it be?, I wondered.  It was man made, not God made. But as I started to think about it more, I realized that, yes, I really loved to write. I never got tired of it and I would always do it just for my own pleasure.

What’s more, it was a constant throughout my life. When I was around 10 years old, I started to write my first book (not this one, but unpublished one))).

I vividly remember the feeling while writing the first page. I felt wonder and excitement. It was a feeling similar to the one when I heard about the Law of Attraction and realized that living a magical life was possible. While writing, I could be anyone, go anywhere and do anything I wanted, and do it immediately. How cool is that?

Today I might know the answer why I thought that pen and paper were that crucial, and also why I became a published author.

It was because, while writing, I’ve been using my imagination.

Imagination is one (if not the best) God made gifts for us. I say this since our imagination allows us, through the Law of Attraction, to create our ideal lives.

It is because I practiced my imagination regularly, that I was not only able to publish my book, but publish it in a way that I consider to be magical.

It was a beautiful process of discovering my talented illustrator Alona and my two editors. Everybody came just at the right time. Also, I had a freedom to choose the details about my book previous authors only dreamed about.

For example, I was the one to choose the price for my book and how much money I’ll get from it, not my publisher. I decided on how many books will be printed, when is the promotion going to be and when I’ll have a giveaway.

Cool, right? Publishing my first book really is a dream come true, and is part of, what I like to call, living my ideal life.

Sharing my book with others change me in more ways than one. I always thought it was enough to just write for myself and have fun, but this is changed now. I realized that by making others part of it, I felt even better.

So, thank you, my readers, for being on this journey with me!

It’s something new and always exciting for me. Let’s cheer for the next words, allowing our imagination to take us beyond anything we have ever experienced!

The takeaway from this post: There is a reason why we like to paint, sing, or perhaps write poetry. It is our expression of God within us; taking us beyond our realities to create even better ones.

Having your own takeaway? Let me know in the comments below!

Want to know more?

Check out my book Lessons from Snow White (a place where words in bold are mentioned in more detail), or go to:
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