The Queen was comparing herself with Snow White… Cannot relate?


While I was writing my book, I believed some parts didn’t apply to me-one of them being jealousy.

The Queen was comparing herself with Snow White, which provoked in her many negative emotions. These negative emotions arise when we see someone else having what we want, and I called them comparison emotions. One of the more obvious examples of comparison emotion is jealousy.

Yes, the Queen was jealous of Snow White’s beauty and youth, but I believed this didn’t apply to me.

I love watching young beautiful people, and becoming friends with them. I like seeing couples showing affection towards each other. I like helping people to manifest what they want and seeing them happy.

No, I just wasn’t the jealous type. Sure, I was involved in comparison game plenty – but it was some other person starting it. I was on the B-side, just feeling their negative emotions as they compared to me.

Of course, as many things in my book, I found that this was not as simple, and did in fact apply to me in more direct way. I was also on the A-side of comparison, starting it.

I realized that there are many things, not just beauty or youth, where I still compared with others. For example, when someone is in a powerful energy of strength and dominance, I would feel uneasy and weak, if not all-the-way jealous.

Our inner child, where we may still have our inner wounds, is where feel our insecurities the most. This is the place where our jealousy shows it’s green head.

Even though comparison emotions may seem insignificant, we should remember that emotions are one of the 3 Main Manifestation Modules (MMMs).

This means that the Law of Attraction directly responds to them, and simple comparisons may be the very thing stopping us from manifesting the lives we want to live.

Takeaway from this post: Don’t dismiss your comparison emotions as easily. You may compare in areas where you feel the most insecure.

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Illustration by: Alona Chezganova


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