Cannot control your negative thoughts?


Before I heard about the LOA (Law of Attraction), I read the book The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle. This is a wonderful book, which made me understand that I was the main responsible for my misery, as well as my happiness.

It weren’t my outside circumstances that were making me feel bad, as I previously thought. It was me all along -or more precisely, it was my mind.

I realized that I was never unhappy by being in the present moment. Even if something unexpected happened, I wouldn’t have much time to panic – the only thing left was to do. But when I would start to worry about the future, or feel guilty about the past, this is what brought me unhappiness.

Because of this, I wanted to always be present, and not think. Needless to say, it soon proved to be impossible and I gave up.

Once I learned about the LOA, I got myself another task: instead of not thinking, I wanted to change my every negative thought into a positive one.

To my utter disappointment, this also proved to be as impossible. No matter how hard I focused on changing my negative thoughts, the more of them seem to appear. (Later I realized that -ironically-the cause was LOA itself.:))

It took me time to realize why these approaches didn’t work. It was because I was trying to change my mind, by coming from my mind. And what I should have done instead was to come from my heart.

What does that really mean?

It means that instead of monitoring what we think, we should monitor how we feel. Our feelings are not our manifestation guides for nothing – they let us know if our thinking is aligned with our hearts. By doing what we love and finding the best feeling in every given situation, our thoughts naturally change.This is why finding our joy-factor  (as I discuss in my programs) is the key to changing our minds, and thus what we manifest.

Interestly enough, when we are ‘in the now’ we come from our heart. This is the place from where our intuition can speak to us, instead of the chatter in our mind.

Takeaway from this post: Only by coming from our hearts can we permanently change our minds.

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